Issues and features:


Step 1

Run and close merlin twice. This is necessary for merlin to automatically identify and remove older versions of plugins and libraries.


To make sure that merlin is updated and functional, open your lib folder within your merlin directory (merlin/lib) and search for "merlin-*.jar" files (* stands for the multiple libraries). If there are duplicate libraries (where one is the older version and the other is the most recent one) please run merlin and close it after booting to the initial menu.

Step 1

Delete the file merlin-addons-*version*.jar from the plugins bin directory: merlin/plugins_bin


merlin should launch normally now.

Step 1

Download the latest version available in this page. Do not launch this merlin version until step 4.

Step 2

Copy the directories merlin/h2Database and merlin/ws from your previous merlin version.

Step 3

Paste both directories into the merlin´s new version home directory. These directories should not exist if merlin has not been launched yet.


Launch merlin. All workspaces should be available now

We are currently working to find a solution for these issues releasing stable version soon. Thank you for your patience!